The PYP Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association 
Basic information
1.     Title:
·        Hội Hữu nghị Việt – Lào  tỉnh Phú Yên  (in Vietnamese)
·        The Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association of Phu Yen province  (in English)
2.      The Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association of Phu Yen province is an organization in Phu Yen province, a member of the Phu Yen Union of Friendship Organizations (PUFO) and the Central Vietnam–Laos Friendship Association.
3.     The PYVLFA’s functions are in accordance with the Law of Vietnam and PYUFO regulations. The Association has a legal entity, with its own stamp and bank account.
-        Main office     : 277 Tran Hung Dao St, Ward 4-Tuy Hoa-City-Phu Yen Pro
Viet Nam
-        Telephone           :  0573823865
-        Email:
4.     The PYVLFA’s functions are to strengthen and promote the mutual understanding, the multi-faceted cooperation, friendship and solidarity between Vietnamese people in general, Phu Yen province people in particular and the multi-faceted
5.     The  PYVLFA’s scope of activities is to:
- Coordinate governmental institutions, people’s organizations and societies in   organizing activities to boost friendship between the peoples of Vietnam and Laos.
- Promote Vietnam to the Laotian people; introduce foreign and domestic  policies of the Vietnamese government.
-  Inform the people of Vietnam about current issues in Laos.
-  Build and develop friendship and cooperation with Laos -Vietnam Society and other Laotian socio-political organizations through exchanging delegations and documents, such as photographs, films, publications and other activities.
6.     The Executive Committee comprises:
 ·        Mr. Nguyen Nhu Tri, Chairman
 ·        Mr. Nguyen Huu Quan, Vice Chairman
 ·        Mr. Vu Xuan Khe   Secretary
All institutions, organizations, individuals who voluntarily join the PYVLFA, complete the registration process and agree with the PYVLFA’s mandates, purposes and regulations are recognized as members of PYP Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association (as collective membership, sub-association, or individual membership). Subscriptions are based on the mutual and voluntary agreement.

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