On behalf of the Party and Government of China, Mr Ma Biao warmly welcomed Chairman Vu Xuan Hong’s working visit to China. He assessed that Vietnam and China were two countries with strong traditional ties. So, on the occasion of Mr Vu Xuan Hong’s visit, the two sides will actively promote practical cooperation in the fields of economics, trade, investment, education and tourism.

Mr Ma Tieu, Vice chairman of CPPCC, met with VUFO Chairman Vu Xuan Hong

Vice chairman Ma Biao said Vietnam was a country where he sent a lot of love, since he was the leader of Guangxi and he has many times visited Vietnam. China and Vietnam are the two countries with traditional relations that Uncle Ho and Uncle Mao nurtured. Currently, many artefacts, mementos and photos recording the activities between the two leaders are still preserved in China.

After the visit of President Tap Can Binh, the two sides have been raising public awareness and improving good bilateral relations. Since then, leaders of the two countries have been determined to consolidate and develop the traditional ties, simultaneously controlling disagreements.

Mr Ma Biao said Chairman Vu Xuan Hong’s visit was a milestone in the growth of public diplomacy and friendly relations between China and Vietnam. Vice Chairman Ma Biao appreciated the role of public diplomacy and people exchanges. This is an important platform in Vietnam – China relation. VUFO and CPPCC have had many practical activities during the past years. The cooperation of the two associations is a valuable asset for the people of both countries.

The two side’s development of strategic cooperation has achieved opinions and consensus for the new development orientation in China – Vietnam relations, Mr. Ma Biao affirmed.

Mr. Ma Biao stressed, the two countries have traditional relations through historical witnesses and historical stories. In recent years, the bilateral import and export turnover rises constantly. China attaches great importance to developing friendship and cooperation with Vietnam, and Chairman Vu Xuan Hong’s visit to China is a good opportunity  for two-side cooperation, actively promoting cooperation in trade, investment, education and tourism, upholding the role and effectiveness of the cooperation mechanisms.

At the meeting, Chairman Vu Xuan Hong appreciated the attention and affection of Vice Chairman Ma Biao and leaders of CPPCC, and thanked them for spending time with the delegation.

Chairman Vu Xuan Hong praised the great achievements that China has made since the reforms. Vietnam is ready to enhance cooperation in all areas with China, implement common agreements between the two countries, continue to inherit and develop the traditional friendship.

Ending the speech, Chairman Vu Xuan Hong sent greetings of President of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Nguyen Thien Nhan to the Chairman of CPPCC, Yu Zhengsheng.

The visit of VUFO delegation happened on the occasion of the 95 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, so Chairman Vu Xuan Hong congratulated the Party on its success and the Chinese people on their achievements over the past years, and wished the 13th five-year plan and China dream success.

Also during the visit, CPPCC awarded a medal for Messengers of Peace for Mr Vu Xuan Hong, in recognition of the great contributions of his public diplomacy activities, especially in Vietnam – China’s foreign policy.

CPPCC awarded a medal for Messengers of Peace to Chairman Vu Xuan Hong

Earlier, the delegation worked in Chengdu – Tibet, had meetings with leaders of Sichuan Province and leaders of Tibet Autonomous Region, visited Potala Palace; visited an ethnic Tibetan family, Sera Temple and museums in Tibet./.

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